Forms, Permits & Packets

Accessory Building Permit Process Packet
Used for garages, sheds, decks, patios and additions to any main structure.

Business Process Packet
Used for any new construction of any new business. (Includes the following permits: Driveway, Zoning, Plan Review, Sign, Contractor, Subcontractor list).

Helpful New Business Review Checklist

Concession Stand Permit

Contractor’s License & Subcontractor List

Demolition Permit Policies & Procedures

Driveway Permit
Used for any type of change to an existing driveway or any new proposed driveway installation. Residential or business.

Electric Fence Application
Used for any type of electric fence to be installed in an Industrial Park or General Industrial zoned area. All other zoning districts prohibited.

Fleet Registration Application

Home Construction Process Packet

Overweight / Oversize Hauling Permit

Plan (Site Plan Preliminary and/or Final) Review Application Form
Preliminary Site Plan Review: Used for any site plan in its preliminary stage to be submitted to the Zoning Inspector with the final intent to be going in front of Planning Commission if needed for final approval.
Final Site Plan Review: Used for final site plan information to be turned into the Zoning Inspector (existing building remodel, or preliminary plans that have been approved by Planning Commission).

Plat (Preliminary) Approval Application

Plat (Final) Approval Application

Plat Process (New Major Subdivision) Packet

Pool Permit Packet

Planned Unit Development

Sign Erector’s License Application
Used for anyone who plans on installing any sign that must have a permit to be installed.

Sign Permit Application

Sign Plan Process and Fee Schedule Packet
(Includes the following permits: Sign, Sign Erector, Variance Request).

Storm water Management Performance Bond

Stormwater Management Application and Permit

Variance Request
Used any time a deviation from Code is proposed. Once filed with the Zoning Inspector the variance will then have to be heard by the Planning Commission for final approval.

Wellhead Protection Registration
See Chapter 1139.02 for specific regulations.

View Wellhead Overlay Map

Zoning (Appeal) Application
Used when the Zoning Inspector makes a decision based on their interpretation of Code and the citizen does not agree. This must be filed with the Zoning Inspector and then heard in front of Planning Commission for a final determination.

Zoning (Conditional) Application
Used any time a citizen or a business wants a conditional use for their parcel as allowable and defined by Code in their specific zoning district.

Zoning (Rezone or Amend) Application
Used anytime a citizen is of the opinion an Ordinance needs to be changed or anytime a rezone of a parcel is proposed.

Zoning Permit Application
Used for new Business and Residential, and anytime the following is added: porches, decks, additions, accessory buildings, sheds, pavilions, parking area addition, roof over porch, carport, etc.