Ontario Comprehensive Plan

Help us to PLAN Ontario!
Community officials have started the process to develop Ontario’s Comprehensive Community
Plan, and we need your help. You can start doing your part to Plan Ontario by taking a
community survey that can be found by clicking here:


The Comprehensive Community Plan will provide the community officials, residents and decision
makers with guidance in the following areas:
 Community Services and Facilities (schools, library, etc.)
 Housing and Neighborhoods
 Economic Development, Growth and Revitalization
 Future Land Use and Zoning
 Infrastructure (water/sewer capacity, and other utilities)
 Parks, Recreation and Open Space
 Transportation and Connectivity (streets, parking, bicycle and pedestrian mobility)
 Plan Implementation (getting stuff done and holding people accountable!)

If you have any questions concerning the planning process or on ways to participate, please contact:

Kris Knapp
Services Director
City on Ontario
555 Stumbo Road
Ontario, Ohio 44906
(419) 529-2495


Summer Concerts

Enjoy food and free music at the summer concerts held in Marshall Park.


Explore the shopping district, from the Richland Mall, to unique boutiques.


Enjoy locally owned and operated restaurants, as well major chain restaurants.

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Community Information:

As a reminder, please follow the below ordinance.
(a) It shall be unlawful for the owner or operator of any motor vehicle to park or to permit to remain parked such vehicle on any street within the City under the following conditions:
(1) When two or more inches of snow have fallen, and the Mayor, or in his absence, the President Pro Tempore of Council, or in his absence the Service-Safety Director has proclaimed that a snow removal emergency exists.
(f) Whoever violates the provision of this section shall, in addition to paying the costs for removal and storage of their motor vehicle, be guilty of a minor misdemeanor for the first offense and upon a second or subsequent offense within one year of the first, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

Christmas Tree Lighting Thursday November 30th 5:00PM-7:00PM

ODOT Sidewalk / Curb / Drainage 2023 project along Shelby Ontario Rd: https://ontarioohio.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/ODOT-Sidewalk2023.pdf

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Ontario, Ohio

We are a community with options as diverse as a larger city with the convenience & character of a small town.

Our schools, colleges, and universities bring excellent education to your backyard, including The Ohio State University, North Central State College, and vocational training for both high school students and adults already in the workforce.

Keep active with recreational offerings to fit each season. Marshall Park serves as the hub of local sports and the area showcases two ski resorts, lakes, and even a bike trail. Culturally you’ll have access to touring Broadway performances, art shows, festivals, and both national and local dining and shopping, including The Richland Mall.

Our residents are the backbone of the community; its strength and its greatest asset. Ontario continues to grow with a 17.4% growth over the last 10 years. Today, the City of Ontario is home to over 6,200 residents. Our community is fortunate to have not only the economic resources needed to foster the wide diversity of growth we experienced over the last several years, but also the support of our residents to make it happen.

Council Agenda

Council meetings are now open to the public, masks optional, social distancing will be observed, and Facebook Live streaming is discontinued.

Council Agenda

Covid-19 Response

We are committed to protecting our citizens and employees.

Pothole Reporting

Please contact us with the location (road and closest address if possible) by emailing: info@ontarioohio.org


Ontario strives to create a business-friendly environment for both existing and new businesses.

City Government

Familiarize yourself with the city’s government and other helpful resources and tools.


Immerse yourself in the educational, recreational, and cultural experiences of Ontario.

Online Bill Pay

Quickly and easily pay your Income Tax, Water / Sewer, Fines and more.


City Department heads and contact information.

Ontario Events

Discover events Ontario has to offer, such as outdoor concerts in the park.

Water & Sewer Payments

Ontario Residents and Businesses can now have automatic withdrawal from Checking or Savings.

Public Records Requests

There are new updates to the fees and charges associated with public records requests.

Facility Rentals

All registrations to reserve City of Ontario park facilities (pavilions) and the Community Room at the Hellinger Municipal Building are online only.

To reserve rentals, go to the Community Tab and then to the Facility Rentals tab and click on the link. Reservations will no longer be accepted at the City Municipal building or by phone.