Income Tax

Income Tax Information and Forms

Per the State of Ohio Tax Commissioner, the filing deadline for the City of Ontario is now July 15th, 2020. First and Second Quarterly Estimated payments (due April 15 and June 15) have also been extended to July 15th, 2020.

Due to a recent change, Income Tax returns will no longer be prepared by the Income Tax Clerk.

City of Ontario
555 Stumbo Road
Ontario, Ohio 44906







Historical Reference

Sallie L Neal
Income Tax Clerk
555 Stumbo Road
Ontario, OH 44906-1259

Phone: 419-529-3045
Fax: 419-529-6132

Interest Rates

Per Am. Sub. HB 5 passed on December 19, 2014 by the Ohio General Assembly, and in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 718, we will be publishing our Interest Rates here.

Interest Rates are based on the Federal Short Term Rate published in July, rounded to the nearest whole number plus 5%.

Interest Rate for 2020 is 7% (0.58% per month)

Interest Rate for 2019 is 7% (0.58% per month)

Interest Rate for 2018 is 6% (0.50% per month)

Interest Rate for 2017 is 6% (0.50% per month)

Interest Rate for 2016 is 5% (0.42% per month)