Zoning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit for a shed, garage, pool or patio?

Yes, you will need a Zoning Permit for any type of footprint change or new external addition to your parcel. Our forms can be downloaded on the Zoning page. You may also need a building permit from the Richland County Building Department.

How big can my accessory structure be?

You may have up to a total of twenty five percent (25%) building coverage on your parcel. This includes the main structure, any other accessory buildings, pool, porch etc.

Who do I contact for my building, electrical and other permits that will be required after I get my zoning approval?

The Richland County Building Department located at 1495 West Longview Avenue, Suite 202A, Mansfield, Ohio 44906. Phone number 419-774-5517 and website: Richland County Building Department

Who comes out to do the inspections?

The City Zoning Inspector will come out to do zoning inspections only. Building, electrical, mechanical, sign, sprinkler, fire alarm, swimming pools and other approvals for residential or commercial will come from the Richland County Building Department. Plumbing, health and food inspections will come from the Richland County Health Department.

Does the City have a mowing or weed Ordinance?

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 557 of the Codified Ordinance which states: grass and noxious weeds cannot exceed 8 inches in height, punishable by being cited to Mayors Court if not maintained.

Does the City have a trash/junk Ordinance? 

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 521.

Can I park a car in my front yard (grass)?

Yes and no. You may for loading and unloading purposes. You may not permanently use your front yard as a parking area. Your vehicles should be parked in the driveway or other approved parking areas.

What are the current Zoning Districts and what are the restrictions on them?

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 1137. This will be all of the Zoning Districts and what is and is not permitted in each district.

What are the setback requirements?

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 1141. This will then bring up all of your setback requirements for each Zoning District.

Can I have chickens or livestock in the city limits?

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 505 (505.15). Only if you have a parcel of property that is over three acres and the chickens must be kept in their own independent fenced area and located at least 100 feet from any other dwelling. If odor begins to be an issue, the chickens or livestock will have to be moved or removed from the parcel.

Do you have any way to help me through the zoning process?

Yes, please go to the zoning section of the city website. You will see “packets” listed at the top of the “forms” section. In those packets you will find processes, Code information, permit and variance paperwork etc. Then as you have questions please call me at 419-529-2530 and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I have an electric fence on my parcel?

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 1145 (1145.11). Only if you are zoned “IP” Industrial Park or “GI” General industrial and you are a business, after approval and permit filed with the Zoning Inspector. If you are a residential use in either one of those two districts you may not have an electric fence. All other zoning districts in the city are prohibited from having electric fences.

Can I have a home based business? 

Ordinances Click “start here”. Bring up Chapter 1143 (1143.03 section “m”)

How much are tap fees for water and sanitary service?

Please contact Connie Gleisinger for residential service at 419-529-3818 or cgleisinger@ontarioohio.org

For commercial service please contact Paul Gleisinger for sanitary service prices at 419-529-6341 or pgleisinger@ontarioohio.org

For water please contact Mark Henke at 419-529-3846 or mhenke@ontarioohio.org