Wellhead Protection Program

The City of Ontario is currently engaged in a comprehensive Wellhead Protection Program in order to protect groundwater resources and the public water supply from potential sources of contamination.

Although contamination is unlikely in the water supply, the Wellhead Protection Plan formulates and implements a set of actions and management practices to protect our groundwater. The main objective of the City of Ontario’s Wellhead Protection Plan is to institute a program that will provide for the protection of the municipal water supply system by preventing new risks and reducing existing threats to the well field. Furthermore, the Wellhead Protection Plan was developed to promote public health, safety, and general welfare; minimize public and private losses due to contamination of the public water supply; maximize groundwater protection; implement pollution abatement control procedures, and minimize land use restrictions.

The City of Ontario has organized a Wellhead Protection Management Team, defined the wellhead protection area, and has conducted an inventory of potential pollution sources.

If you have further questions regarding the Wellhead Protection Program please contact Mr. Marc Henke, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor at 419-529-3846.