Administration & Departments



Randy Hutchinson
Office: 419-529-6333


Mary Ann Hellinger
Office: 419-529-2397


Jim Hairston
Office: 419-529-3925

Law Director

Andrew Medwid
Office: 419-529-3776

Service – Safety Director

Jeffrey P. Wilson
Office: 419-529-2495
Cell: 419-571-8194

Mayor’s Message

As Mayor of the City of Ontario, Ohio I know that Ontario is a wonderful City with over 6,300 residents. Ontario is located in North Central Ohio, located conveniently between Columbus and Cleveland. US 30 runs through Ontario and U.S 71 is approximately 8 miles away. Ontario is a business friendly community and strives to create incentives for new business. Some of our incentives that we offer are Community Reinvestment Areas and Job Creation Tax Credit. You may check out these incentives on our website.

We have a quality school system along with two phenomenal colleges, a regional branch of The Ohio State University and North Central State College. Ontario has beautiful parks for long walks, play area for the kids, and family gatherings. There are over 600 kids that participate in Ontario Youth Sports at our parks. Ontario has a large retail and restaurant business base. We also offer innovative medical care. Our residents work hard to make Ontario a better place to live. Many of the residents are active in community programs and Ontario Youth Sports.

To help promote new and retain existing business we have the Ontario Growth Corporation. The Ontario Growth Corporation and I work hand in hand to promote Ontario as a great place to open businesses. We also have the Ontario Growth Association which brings many local businesses together once a month to help promote Ontario. The Ontario Growth Association sponsors events throughout the year along with our annual Christmas Tree Lighting, which kicks off the Holiday season.

I care deeply for Ontario, our city has a strong past and I look forward to a promising future.


Chief of Police

Tommy Hill
Office: 419-529-3007

Director of Engineering

Office: 419-529-2495

Sewer Supervisor/Project Manager

Paul Gleisinger
Office: 419-529-6341

Street/Parks Supervisor

Evan Hellinger
Office: 419-529-3815

Water Department Supervisor

Marc Henke
Office: 419-529-3846

Water/Sewer Clerk

Connie Gleisinger
Office: 419-529-4607

Clerk of Council

Cathy VanAuker
Office: 419-529-6714

Clerk of Courts

Janet Yeager
Office: 419-529-3723

Income Tax Clerk

Sallie Neal
Office: 419-529-3045


Summer Grimwood
Office: 419-529-2269

Planning Commission

Jill Knight

John Motley

Susan Hellinger

Michael Morton, Zoning Inspector

Civil Service Commission

Eric Grove

Jim Boyer

Michael Howard

Board of Health

Della Phelps
Office: 419-529-3818

Barbara Cinadr
Office: 419-529-3818



Heather Hendrix
Office: 419-529-2588

Senior Center

Office: 419-529-3818

Cemetery Director

Justin Sherlock
Office: 419-529-2537
Mon-Fri: 6am-2:30pm

Zoning Inspector

Michael Morton
Office: 419-529-2530