Public Records Charges


The City, in accordance with Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code, has established fees for providing copies or reproductions of public records maintained by the City.

For photocopies of either letter or legal-size documents, the fees shall be as follows:  

For the first through the twenty-fifth photocopy, there will be no charge

For twenty-six or more photocopies, there is a fee of five (5) cents per photocopy calculated from the

first photocopy. Requests of this type require advance payment prior to the preparation of any Copies.

For video tapes, cassette tapes, flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s or for any other type of media, the fee shall be the replacement cost or the reproduction (copying) cost. Reproduction costs may only be charged if a commercial or professional service is contracted to provide the copy. If the City creates the copy, a reproduction fee may not be charged. Advance payment is required when commercial or professional services are required to prepare the copy.

Bulk Commercial Requests and Special Extraction Costs will follow Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43.

Upon a request made in accordance with section 149.43(B) of the Ohio Revised Code the City will transmit a copy of a public record to any person by United States mail or by any other means delivery or transmission within a reasonable period of time after receiving the request for the copy. The City or employee responsible shall require the requestor to pay in advance the cost of the delivery if the copy is transmitted other than by United States mail, and to pay in advance the costs incurred for other supplies used in the mailing, delivery, or transmission.